Getting to The Basics

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

10 Tips to Changing Your Daily Diet...

1. Figure out why you want to embark on this journey to change up your lifestyle. When you identify your “why” it puts things into perspective and provides you with motivation to keep going when you want to stop (you will want to quit)

2. Be realistic with your goals. Identify short- and long-term goals for each area of your life. If you can gain control over your life you can eliminate the desire to emotionally eat

3. Consistency. Discipline. Patience. keys to a successful journey

4. Gradually incorporate new foods into your diet. It doesn’t make sense to spend $100 on food you’ve never tried before, just to throw 80% of it away. Take an hour (or less) one day a week to plan out your meals for the upcoming week and put together a shopping list. Try to incorporate a healthier recipe and snack each week; before you know it your entire diet will be changed.

Tip: Think of color when you plan your meals

5. Schedule time during the weekend or week (depending on your schedule) to food shop and cook at least 2 meals. I don’t like eating the same foods every day, so I typically cook at least 2 meals on Sunday and freeze some of it for later in the week

6. Keep it simple. Over complicating things will drive you crazy

7. Eat in moderation and up to 6 small meals a day. Your metabolism increases for a few hours when your body uses energy to digest foods. We eat to fuel the body. Tip: Using a salad plate will help to control portion size

8. Follow the 80/20 rule and do not deprive yourself. We all have that favorite food we love to eat, so why should we give it up? Allow yourself to have a cheat day. Choose healthier options 80% of the week and treat yourself at least 1 day a week. Tip: You shouldn’t indulge on your cheat day; moderation is still key

9. When eating out, try to review the menu in advance to get an idea of what you should eat.

10. When eating out, box up half your plate as soon as it arrives. Restaurants tend to give you a double portion. Boxing up half will minimize the temptation of eating everything

Bonus: When you fall, there’s always another day. Do not quit…consistency, discipline, and patience are the keys to a healthy transformation